Akiniai Alpina Callum 2.0

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  • Alpina Callum 2.0  yra subtilūs ir sportiški akiniai atsparūs smūgiams ir įbrėžimams

    Top styling meets top performance!
    The Callum 2.0 is the reincarnation of the top-selling Callum, but with half-frame. The lenses of the Alpina Callum 2.0 are crushproof and protect 100% against all UV radiation up to 400 nm thanks to the Ceramic mirror technology. The outside of the glasses is mirrored, the inside hard coated. In addition, the glasses absorb infrared rays.


    • Optimized Airflow 
      Heavily curved lenses perfectly wrap around the face. They protect the eyes from draft and cold and improve vision. The indirect air fl ow prevents fogging of the lenses.
    • 2 Component Design
      The combination of a hard frame and soft rubber Parts enhances wearing comfort and fit of the glasses.