Kross Level 14.0

Mountain bike is not  a complicated machine in theory especially when we talk about type bikes hardtail. Frame, wheels, shock absorber and accessories. However, we know that it is something more. That is why we spend hundreds, thousands of hours prototyping and testing. We collect opinions of cyclists riding for Kross Racing Team and based on them we improve subsequent versions of the equipment. In Kross Level 14.0 there is nothing accidental ...

Born of experience

Using the experience of our players, we decided to use fiber in D84 Carbon SL frame of Kross Level 14.0

We have supplemented the frame with highly valued equipment SRAM, American manufacturer, which was the first to launch a twelve-row drive for bicycles MTB. For this we have selected a high quality shock absorber RockShoxbranded DT Swiss wheels and Mitas tires.

We managed to design thanks to minor compromises in the field of equipment MTB bike, which is recommended to ambitious cyclists taking part in difficult and demanding marathon routes MTB or XC.

Bicycle jewelry

Carbon D84 SL is the best type of carbon fiber available on our bikes. It is an extremely light material consisting of two types of fibers - T800 and M40J, resin-bonded nanoalloy. Thanks to this we managed to obtain the extremely stiff bike and which perfectly absorbs shocks. Frames from this material were created  for demanding riders, who expect full obedience from their machine.

Fork is a shock absorber Rockshox SID Select boost with a pitch of 100 millimeters, providing competitors of cross country with excellent cushioning in all conditions. On the steering wheel the shock absorber lock handle was installedto enable the rider to efficiently and freely pedaling on flat sections of the route.

Drive and shifters it Sram GX Eagle operating in 1x12 system and ensuring cassette span of 10-50. Facing the choice of wheels, we focused on the product DT Swiss, or DT Swiss X1700 Spline. These 29 "wheels were created to ride on rough terrain. Thanks to the system ratchet and an inner width of 25 mm are one of the best wheels available at an affordable price. Tires  Mitas Scylla V75 2.25 "wide were mounted on them.

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