Sometimes you need something more from a bicycle. When you come to such a conclusion, the bike appears on the horizon… all in white. Well, maybe not in this case. But our KROSS Evado 3.0 is an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to be limited by the choice between bicycle paths or paved surfaces during forest expeditions. The KROSS Evado 3.0 will take you where road bikes can't. And it will make it easier to ride where the mountain bike creates problems.

The KROSS Evado 3.0 for 2021 is still a high-quality bike at an affordable price. To provide the cyclist with even more pleasure from riding, we have equipped it with new components and two types of frame painting - matte and glossy, which will surely appeal to you.

Components for the city and light terrain

The KROSS Evado 3.0 is a combination of components characterized by high quality and high resistance. We fitted it with Shimano components and made the Shimano Acera M360 rear derailleur the heart of the whole system. This allowed us to get as many as 24 gears that will help you on each trip. Our cross bike features a 63 mm SR Suntour NEX suspension fork. Thanks to it, you can easily reach your destination without worrying about curbs or paving stones. In the forest, you will be able to ride off-road without worrying about the difficulties associated with overcoming stones or roots on the route. The bike also features 28” wheels and 42 mm Mitas Tractioner V84 tires with a special reflective stripe for increased safety after dusk. They provide high traction regardless of the conditions in which you ride.

Technology adapted to any terrain

The KROSS Evado 3.0 offers numerous solutions that increase comfort and safety on the road. The frame is made of performance aluminum and it is one of the most important elements of a bicycle. Performance aluminum is a special 6061 aluminum alloy, which makes the bike stiff and resistant to breakage. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. The KROSS Evado 3.0 is a cross bike that can be successfully used in light terrain. It has a relaxed geometry that makes it easier to cover long distances and observe the traffic situation. The frame is powder coated, which guarantees durability of painting and its resistance to mechanical damage.


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