Race performance pedals for cross country and CX. An update of the already-impressive XT M8000s, the Deore XT M8100 Pedals are race performance pedals for serious cross country and cyclocross riders. For 2020 they feature an even wider platform for increased control and power transfer, while a more rounded axle edge sheds mud better for cleaner pedal contact.

The Deore XT M8100 Pedals are optimised for cross country MTB and cyclocross racing, with an even lower and wider pedal platform for 2020 to further improve power transfer to the drivechain, giving you an edge at the pointy end of the race.The SPD bind's strengthened retention claws hold the shoe firmly in place as you speed across rough trail sections and tear through tight corners, while its offset binding design sheds mud off the pedal surface to maximise hold and pedal control.

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