Padanga Conti Supersonic 20-622 (700x20C)

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    28" / 700cc
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  • With the Grand Prix Supersonic, your wheels can be tuned to an absolute minimum weight and rolling resistance. The tire, together with a Race 28 Supersonic tube make up just 205g of your wheel weight!

    Its slick tread and black carbon compound make it true eye candy! The Grand Prix Supersonic is undoubtedly the fastest tire option for pure speed performance in racing situations.

    With maximum speeds in mind, we dispensed with puncture protection and designed the tyre for just a limited number of racing kilometres. As a result, the Grand Prix Supersonic is not a training tire. It makes top speeds irresistible, but is only recommended for individual races on smooth circuits.


    Size: 700 x 20c

    Handmade in Germany