High responsiveness for racing and training. The Ultegra R8000 Pedals are full-carbon, performance road pedals for racing and intense training. Utilising many trickle-down features from the Dura-Ace R9100s, these pedals are stiff, lightweight and designed for competitive riders.

Featuring trickle-down design and technologies from the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace R9100s, the Ultegra R8000 Pedals offer pro-proven efficiency and performance for road racing and intense training. To ensure optimal out-the-saddle responsiveness an extra wide, low stack construction stabilises the foot to give you the confidence to push harder, while an extremely stiff carbon-composite body ensures excellent power transfer to the drivechain.The pair weighs in at 248g to keep weight to a minimum, providing better efficiency in the pedalstroke and improved speed on the climbs.

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