The wind as a designer: the GameChanger helmet by ABUS

The new ABUS GameChanger is the ultimate helmet for professional bicycle racing - developed together with the Movistar Team. With its Multi Position Design, it redefines aerodynamics, as the airflow is optimised for all race typical head angles. The Forced Air Cooling Technology ensures a pleasant climate for the head. And the new Multi Shell In-Mold is responsible for the excellent ABUS safety. GameChanger sets new standards in aero helmet technology.

Technical Information:

Application: Road
Air Circulation Vents: 10
Construction: in-mould


Multi Position Design
The innovative Multi Position Design ensures a reduced attack surface for the wind in all conditions. Optimised aerodynamics independent of head tilt and at different angles of attack. This provides a 23% smaller frontal area compared to current top of the range helmets.

The AirPort in the back of the GameChanger gives you two decisive advantages: Firstly, goggles can be stowed away quickly and safely using the temple guides, and secondly, the goggles in the AirPort are advantageously integrated into the aerodynamic helmet design and provide valuable advantages in the fight against the wind.

Forced Air Cooling Technology:
Only when ventilation openings are effectively connected to each other will you achieve the best temperature control for your head. The sophisticated Forced Air Cooling Technology literally sucks the incoming air over the head and ensures that oyur head remains cool.

FlowStraps - great on the skin. With the fixed strap distribution, ABUS gives the adjustability even more love, adjustment is no longer necessary. Due to a specially developed weave, flutter and riding noises are a thing of the past. FlowStraps are aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly - an innovation (pat. pend.) by ABUS.

Zoom Ace:
Zoom ACE is the name of the finely tunable adjustment system with a non-slip adjustment wheel for a custom fit.

Multi Shell In Mold:
For safe shock absorption.

Size Guide:

- 51 - 55 cm = S
- 54 - 58 cm = M
- 58 - 62 cm = L


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