Šalmas Abus GameChanger (Neon yellow) M

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  • Description of ABUS GameChanger Helmet - neon yellow
    With its Multi Position Design, the GameChanger ensures an optimum aerodynamic at any point in time and in every position on the bicycle - at low air resistance. The airflow is optimized for every typical racing head tilt. Due to 3D Scans and the experiences of the Movistar Team, a 6 mm slimmer and totally new fit could be developed. The unity of adjustment system and floating forehead pad allows for excellent wearing comfort without too much padding. Large air channels, in combination with the Forced Air Cooling Technology, ensures that the head remains at a comfortable temperature and that the helmet fits perfectly. The Multi Shell In-Mold is responsible for the excellent ABUS safety.
    Technical facts:

    Multi Position Design: for optimal aerodynamics, regardless of the angle of the head
    Forced Air Cooling Technology: Clever ventilation system for optimal head temperature
    FlowStraps: Aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly, thanks to specially developed weaving
    Zoom Ace: Fine adjustment system with handy dial for personalized fit
    AirPort: Aerodynamic bracket at the rear for glasses with temple channels
    Multi Shell In-Mold: For safe impact absorption
    Ponytail compatibility: Helmet good for people with long hair
    Lightweight, durable helmet with a long-lasting combination of EPS core and Polycarbonate shell
    Half-surrounding plastic ring connected to adjustment system
    5 air intakes and outlets
    ActiCage: Structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS to optimize stability
    removable padding
    Front Eyewear Dock