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  • Description of Casco SPEEDairo Helmet with visor - white

    Superlative in terms of aerodynamics and cooling
    The SPEEDairo is the superlative in the combination of aerodynamics and cooling. Therewith the helmet is even suitable for long and exhausting distances or mountain stages Unlike conventional helmets the SPEEDairo fits contactless via a tended net on the wearer's head. This is not only very comfortable, but also provides a constant air flow around the head with cooling airstream.

    Additional speed through optimized aerodynamics receives the SPEEDairo by the patented air guidelines and the elaborate double-shell structure, which enables the construction of an extremely streamlined and lightweight helmet shape. The rear spoilers are also a real novelty. They function as air tearoff edges and adapt to the body position of the athlete. The adaptive aerodynamics provides significant advantage for the athlete. The optional SPEEDmask has a wide field of view and protects perfectly from wind or sun.


    Flip-Up SPEEDmask
    Fits with glasses
    Double Shell
    Disk Fit Vario
    Fresh Air Ventilation 2
    Patented air guideline
    Insect guard

    Note: Please measure your head to get the right helmet size.


    fresh air ventilation 2
    Large volume ventilation openings use the airflow to keep the cyclist nice and cool. This airy design is made possible by Casco's proprietary Frameworkx technology. The polycarbonate skeleton in the helmet's interior delivers maximum stability despite the large vent holes.
    Adaptive aerodynamics
    On of the many tear-off airflow edges on the rear ensures best aerodynamics, whatever the head position.
    Double Shell
    Complex doubleshell construction enables compact helmet shape and is extra safe.
    Disk Fit Vario
    Horizontal and vertical adjustment options for an ergonomically perfect fit.
    Enables the attractive compact profile on the rear piece and adds extra safety.
    CASCO has invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into R&D in its quest the helmet as comfortable as possible for the cyclist. One fruit of these efforts is the patented CASCO-Loc system. The innovative fastener stands out for its ease of adjustment and can be opened in a twinkling - even with one hand. Once set, the fit remains in place and requires no readjustments.
    Contact-free sit of the helmet ensures outstanding fit. Allows cooling air flow around head straight along travel direction and generates increased thermal dissipation and comfort.
    Simple & convenient - 1helmet, 21 colour variations! Only CASCO helmets allow an individual colour adjustments to fit garments & cycle. Colourful interchangeable CASCO stripes are available in 21 stylish colors. Due to the integrated reflector strips, a 360 degree visibility is given.