Sigma Sport Pure GPS Bike Computer – Wireless Cycle Computer
The PURE GPS is your entry into the world of GPS-based bike computers!
Here, the simplest operation meets the latest technology. In addition to the most important bike functions, the large display also shows the altitude functions, including the graphical altitude profile, in a clearly legible manner. A simple compass navigation always shows the direction to the starting point or a point selected by you.

Thanks to GPS, you can then evaluate the completed distance in the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app and, if desired, share it with your community. Your PURE GPS is mounted quickly and does not need any additional sensors on the wheel. "Plug and Ride" is the motto. Because, you want to overcome obstacles on the track and not on the bike computer!
No more wireless transmitters! All speed and distance information is based on GPS signals. And since the PURE GPS logs all functions every 5 seconds, you can extensively evaluate your ride and your route in the DATA CENTER The A-GPS auxiliary data allows for faster position determination and can be updated with the SIGMA LINK app, so you can get on your bike and ride immediately!
Altitude measurement
The PURE GPS uses an air pressure sensor to provide accurate altitude information, including gradient! Starting altitude can be determined based on GPS, or you can select one of your preset home altitudes.
Smart connectivity
Connectivity is an important attribute of the PURE GPS. After your ride, connect the bike computer to the DATA CENTER on your PC, MAC, or tablet using a micro USB cable. Or transfer your trip data to an Android smart phone using the SIGMA LINK app and NFC. (please note: NFC must be activated on the smart phone. iPhone does not support the NFC connection.) You can also use the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app to make changes to your PURE GPS settings.
Ideal readability even in poor light conditions. Pressing the Bike and Alti buttons simultaneously activates the smart backlight. A small light bulb icon indicates that the backlight is active. When active, the display will illuminate each time you press a button.
Scope of delivery
1 x Pure GPS Cycle Computer
2 x GPS Bracket
Cable ties
Product features
Ride time
Actual speed
Average speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Total distance
Current altitude
Current gradient
Altitude uphill
Altitude downhill
Total altidude uphill
Maximum altitude
Altitude graph
Compass Navigation
Training statistic for 12 Month
Memory: 110 Hrs.
Battery time: 15 Hrs.
Display: 45 x 32mm
Watertight: IPX7

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