Product description

A race day triathlon and TT saddle for exceptional comfort in a forward riding position. The Aerofuel is a performance saddle for triathlon and TT racing. A short, rigid base with anatomic recess provides exceptional relief and power transfer when riding on the tri bars, keeping you pushing all the way to the line.

The Aerofuel is a performance triathlon and TT saddle, optimised for long, hard efforts in an aggressive riding position. Its short base design reduces pressure build-up in the soft tissue area to prevent pain and numbness where you don't want it, and a full-length cut-out provides additional relief. The shorter nose is widened to ensure a rock solid, stable platform on which you can comfortably churn out the watts, while supportive EVA padding throughout promotes extra comfort on longer races and training sessions. An anti-slip cover over the top prevents you from slipping out of position when you're on the rivet.Underneath, a lightweight, carbon-reinforced base construction brings the overall weight of the saddle down to a mere 200g, shaving grams and vital seconds off your ride. The stainless steel rails are highly resistant to corrosion, for long lasting use in all conditions, and the generous gap between them and the base means adjusting and assembling the saddle couldn't be easier.


  • Optimised for a forward riding position. The short base design with generous relief channel minimises the pressure build-up on soft tissue while riding in the typically more forward and aggressive positions of triathlon and TT riding, keeping you comfortable all the way to the finish.

  • Maximum power transfer. An extra wide nose provides a solid, stable platform to keep you still as you force high watts through the drivechain.

  • Long ride comfort. EVA padding throughout ensures superior support and comfort to your sit bones on longer efforts.

  • Stable riding position. An anti-slip top cover holds you in place on the saddle, keeping you from sliding too far forward or back when your main focus is speed on the road.

  • Lightweight base construction. The carbon-reinforced polymer in-mold base construction is stiff and super lightweight, reducing the overall saddle weight to a mere 200g.

  • Corrision resistant. Stainless steel rails are strong and highly resistant corrosion, ensuring a high degree of saddle durability and wear.

  • Easy assembly and adjustment. Large clearance between base and rails makes it easy to mount and adjust your Aerofuel saddle, with clear markings along the rails making it easy to reset and finetune the position of your saddle.


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