Product description

A beautifully curved, full carbon road saddle for less flexible riders requiring a little more room for movement. The Griffon Carbon is a curved road saddle for less flexible riders who have a slightly more upright riding style, allowing for a generous amount of pelvic rotation and sideways upperbody movement. An exceptionally comfortable saddle that features carbon rails for added stability and a flat nose to ensure power transmission.

The Griffon Carbon Saddle sits perfectly under the bums of road riders with less flexible hips. A curved seat shape provides ample room for sideways movement and pelvic rotation, reducing the amount of rubbing caused by flatter saddles, yet the nose remains flat to give a solid platform for putting the hammer down.Exceptional power transfer comes from a carbon-reinforced base that minimises saddle flex and, therefore, energy loss, ensuring you get the most speed out of the effort you put in. EVA padding throughout ensures firm support, preventing glute fatigue and numbness on longer rides, while the PU cover allows your bum to scooch easily across the saddle as you move forward on steep climbs.The full carbon rails provide added stiffness and support when pushing hard, while also helping to bring the overall saddle weight down for exceptional efficiency on the road. At the rear there is an integrated accessory mount for attaching your PRO equipment, such as Rear Fender or Camera Mount, and the generous gap between the rails and base means adjusting and assembling the saddle couldn't be easier.


  • Room for movement. A curved shape provides ample room for sideways movement and pelvic rotation, making this saddle perfect for riders less flexible in the hips.

  • Added relief. A full length central channel relieves soft tissue pressure when riding in the drops, minimising numbness and pain where you least want it.

  • Stiff, lightweight base construction. The carbon-reinforced polymer in-mold base construction is super stiff and lightweight, maximising efficiency by reducing the power loss from saddle flex.

  • Long ride comfort. EVA padding throughout ensures superior support and comfort to your sit bones on longer efforts.

  • Smooth movement and positioning. A smooth PU material minimises friction with your cycling shorts, making it quick and easy to adjust your position in the saddle without ever feeling like you're sliding around.

  • Carbon rails. Carbon rails add stiffness and improve efficiency throughout the ride by reducing the overall saddle weight.

  • Easy assembly and adjustment. Large clearance between base and rails makes it easy to mount and adjust your Griffon saddle, with clear markings along the rails making it easy to reset and finetune the position of your saddle



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