Complete shifting performance. The ADVANCED Shift Cable Set ensures smooth, reliable shifting for road riding. Precision engineered components work together to optimise shifting performance and prevent dirt from entering in even the worst riding conditions, keeping you focused on the road ahead.

The ADVANCED Shift Cable Set optimises shifting performance to ensure that you always find the gear you need. Anti-rust, stainless steel inner cables glide effortlessly through the outer casing thanks to a precision construction and an OPTISLICK, low-friction coating. The supple rubber casing doesn't deform when bended, improving cable response for more precise gear changes.Matching end caps and ferrules are included to keep the dirt out and maximise cable wear life.


  • ø 1.2 mm x 2100 mm (1 pc.)

  • ø 1.2 mm x 1800 mm (1 pc.)


  • Stainless steel

  • Outer cap with short tongue for ST (2 pcs.)

  • SIS-SP40 outer caps (3 pcs.)

  • SIS-SP40 sealed outer caps (1 pc.)

  • Inner end caps (2 pcs.)

  • OT-SP41 1700 mm


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