Level JR 3.0

Our Kross Level bikes have always been created for competitors and amateurs in marathons MTB and races XC.  In this respect also Kross Level JR 3.0. was created. It is a bike created for children who want to start their adventure with more competitive off-road riding.


The Kross Level JR 3.0 equipment we based on the concept of one-frame crank and components of Japanese producer of bike accessories , Shimano. This allowed us to create a drive with a nine-row cassette supported by a rear derailleur Shimano Alivio M4000. And it will also minimize the risk of the chain falling.

The air amortized SE Suntour XCR Air LO DS  was used in the bike with a 80mm stroke to increase comfort in the field. In addition, the crown (upper part of the shock absorber) of the fork can be locked

Kross Level JR 3.0 it's 24 "wheels with tires Mitas V85 Ocelot with a width of 2.1 ", which will ensure predictable behavior of the bike both in the city and in the field. These are also hydraulicdisc brakes, ensuring safe braking even in the most difficult terrain.


Kross Level JR 3.0 frame was made of aluminum performance. This technology is special 6061 aluminium alloy, thank to which the bike is stiff and resistance to breakage. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many young cyclist with its properties.

Also the frame is powderpainted, which is reflected in durability of painting.

The same as in case of adult frames Level, and Kross Level JR 3.0 takes benefit from  frame hydroforming, due to which it is lighter and has more interesting tube shapes. All cables have been routed inside the frame, increasing its aesthetics and facilitating cleaning.

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