Žibintų komplektas AIM Basic (priekiniai ir galiniai LED žibintai)

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  • AIM - A set of bicycle lights (black)


    Viewing a set of bicycle lamps from AIM. Front lamp is characterized by ease of use and brilliant light the responsibility of the five LEDs, which are designed to provide our visibility on the road. The device is powered by three AAA batteries, which are included in the package. Very easy to install using the bracket does not make the problem even the least experienced cyclist. Resistance to bad weather conditions, possible to unplug the lamp from the holder, as well as two modes are additional advantages of this product.

    Rear lamp just front is powered by AAA batteries attached to the set. It has two modes including pulsed and continuous. We fix it to the seatpost saddle in a simple way by using the bezel.


    Product features:

    • Manufacturer: AIM
    • Front 5 x LED / 3 LED Back
    • Installation using the bracket (included bands reduction)
    • AAA battery (included) 
    • 2 modes (continuous and flashing)
    • Resistance to bad weather
    • Black Colour